Jeff Gardner

Senior Portfolio Strategist

Jeff joined Bridgewater in 1995 and is a Senior Portfolio Strategist and a Partner at the firm. He is a senior member of the research group with expertise in portfolio structuring and markets spanning foreign exchange, interest rates, commodities, and equities. Jeff also works with Bridgewater’s clients to develop investment strategies that meet their objectives and provides insight into the research group’s thinking on global markets and economic conditions. Jeff received a BS in Mechanical Engineering and Management Science and an MS in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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July 8, 2021
Jeff Gardner, Jim Haskel
Most investors are used to equities and bonds being negatively correlated and highly diversifying, but that relationship is unstable and may reverse, especially if easy fiscal and monetary policy flows through to higher-than-expected inflation. In this discussion, Bridgewater Daily Observations Editor Jim Haskel and Senior Portfolio Strategist Jeff Gardner explore the cause-and-effect dynamics at play.
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