Spotlight on Investment Careers

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A Fundamental Approach to Investing

Our core mission as an organization is to understand the fundamental drivers of markets and turn that understanding into high-quality portfolios and investment advice for our clients.

We do this in three critical ways: by being fundamental, systematic, and diversified. We seek to understand the economy in a fundamental way, uncovering the timeless and universal cause-and-effect linkages that drive global markets. That understanding is implemented systematically and converted into explicit rules that can be rigorously stress-tested. Finally, we create highly diversified portfolios that are not dependent on any one source of return and can survive a wide range of economic environments.

Getting to the Best Ideas
Our unique track record of success is a result of having great people operating in our unique, idea meritocratic culture. We seek intellectually curious, independent thinkers from a wide range of backgrounds to create diversity of thought, and we expect everyone to speak up to make sense of things. This creates an environment in which ideas are debated and challenged to get to the best answers.

Every Monday morning, our research team gathers for a three-hour meeting called “What’s Going On In the World” to discuss how market events are unfolding relative to our understanding.
From pioneering the separation of alpha and beta to our deep roots in China, Bridgewater has been on the front edge of the investment industry for over 45 years. We are always striving to develop the deepest possible understanding of how the world works, and these unique insights help us advocate for what we believe is best for our clients.
Influencing Economic Policy
Every morning Bridgewater shares its latest insights with investors all around the globe through its flagship research publication, Daily Observations. Since the founding of the company, this report has become must-read analysis for thousands of investors and some of the world’s most influential policy makers.
Investment Career Tracks
  • Investment Research & Analytics
    The Investment Research & Analytics team is responsible for building out and advancing our understanding of how global markets and economies work — in other words, they're responsible for shaping the way we manage money. The team includes our flagship Investment Associate program which is a vital part of Bridgewater's long-term sustainability, and comprises the group from which we identify and groom top talent.
  • Investment Logic Engineering
    Investment Logic Engineering is for those who want to solve problems at the intersection of engineering and finance. We look for people with a passion for building data models and algorithmic systems to solve complex investment problems. Ideal candidates have a thirst for discovering what makes things tick, a keen analytical mind, and a desire to work in a dynamic environment.
  • Investment Implementation
    The Investment Implementation team operates and oversees our systemized logic in order to generate portfolios, choosing which instruments to hold and delivering the sets of trades needed to make it happen. The ideal candidate can interpret and execute ideas: This is the part of the investment engine that makes sure our in-depth understandings are turned into ideal portfolios for our clients.
  • Client Service
    The Client Service team engages with clients on the full range of investment issues they face, explaining how our strategies fit into their portfolios and advising on allocation decisions at the overall portfolio level. We look for skilled communicators who can translate our understandings of global markets and economies into meaningful conversations and partnerships with our clients.
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