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Engineering Systems to Understand the World

We believe that the global economic machine can be understood, so we strive to build a fundamental, cause-and-effect understanding of markets and economies. This mission is impossible to accomplish without great technology. Our technologists collaborate with our investors to design, engineer, and run platforms that enable systemization and scale in everything we do.

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Work Alongside World-Class Technologists
Our technologists are organized into small teams in an intellectually rigorous environment. They partner with our most senior investors to envision and build solutions to the challenge of understanding and trading markets. Your peers bring with them deep experience from leading tech firms and renowned startups.
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Sharpen Bridgewater's Competitive Edge
Our overarching goal is to reflect an expert understanding of how the world’s markets work into a systematic logic model — compiled over 40 years. Bridgewater's technologists build the platforms that unlock the firm's ability to apply this intricate understanding across environments, markets, and time in a way no individual investor could, fueling decades of success.
None of Our Challenges Are Routine
Investing systematically is a zero-sum competitive environment with high rewards: It requires unique insights, immense and well-structured data, and differentiating tools and platforms. Our technologists work on everything from novel languages that enable the systemization of logic, market simulation environments, secure and performant hybrid cloud platforms, and custom low-latency trade execution pipelines.
Explore Jobs in Tech
  • Software Engineering
    Our software engineers architect, build, and refine the platforms and tools to understand the world’s economic markets. The software they build tackles an array of challenges that span all elements of the investment life cycle from research to portfolio generation to trade execution as well as into our client partnership space to help deliver against our firm level goals.
  • Product Management
    Our product managers are responsible for understanding the needs of our users, working with architects to design solutions to those needs, and then partnering with development teams to build and deliver those solutions along a road map. They bridge our investment and technical teams to bring clarity regarding the needs of the company and how to deliver value.
  • Site Reliability Engineering
    Our SREs ensure our production systems are reliable, secure, and efficient by combining systems and software engineering expertise to support our most critical business needs. They are embedded across our applications and infrastructure teams across the company to provide this support.
  • Infrastructure
    Our infrastructure roles design, deliver and manage the integral pieces of our technical foundation that permit us to operate. Network, database, data center, operating system, audio visual, and applications groups all need to deliver value for a technically complex and security conscious environment.
  • Services
    Our services roles own issues from inception to resolution with a focus on understanding the root cause. Our services teams interact with users across the firm to deliver exemplary partnership. They are also continuously implementing and managing new products across the business. This requires thoughtful decommissioning, integrations and maintenance as necessary.
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