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Bridgewater is engaged in a tireless effort to develop a fundamental and systematic understanding of how the world’s markets and economies work. That understanding is translated into investment and economic insights that help us achieve an unparalleled level of partnership with our global institutional clients.

Powering this engine requires a diverse community of investment professionals, technologists, managers and other specialists. The firm attracts independent thinkers who share a commitment to achieving excellence in their respective lines of work and operating in our unique culture of radical transparency and idea meritocracy. Bridgewater’s principal offices are located in Westport, CT — an hour outside New York City.

The Bridgewater Experience
The Bridgewater Experience
The unifying experience at Bridgewater is meaningful work and meaningful relationships — the unique and lasting personal bonds forged out of a purposeful, rigorous, and inclusive work environment. The culture of our firm emphasizes high standards and continuous learning and improvement, centered around a management philosophy described in founder Ray Dalio’s
Principles: Life and Work.

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With an emphasis on high expectations and continual growth, we are committed to building a workplace that is meaningful, rewarding, and inclusive. Read more about the our recent recognitions as a top employer.
Our roles span the spectrum across investment, technology, research, client service, and more. Browse our current open positions.
Bridgewater aspires to be an idea meritocracy in which radical transparency and believability-weighted decision-making allow the best ideas to prevail. Feedback is frequent and flows in all directions, meetings are recorded and shared, mistake-based learning is encouraged, and everyone is expected to uphold high standards of excellence and personal accountability.
Our investment team seeks to understand the fundamental drivers of markets and turn that understanding into high quality portfolios and investment advice for our clients.
Join the team that systematizes and scales our understanding of the world's markets and economies.
After their time at Bridgewater, many of our nearly 4,000 alumni choose to stay closely connected to the firm and its people. While some have remained in the investment industry, others have taken their entrepreneurial spirit and management frameworks learned at Bridgewater to pursue new adventures — including over 100 alumni who have founded ventures that span from unicorn healthcare and technology startups to innovative nonprofits and consumer brands.

Meaningful Relationships

Meaningful relationships are just as important as meaningful work — both are required and mutually reinforcing. Our focus on inclusion is key to maintaining our unique community, so we support relationships to help them grow organically. In addition to our company-wide events and celebrations, we are home to over 100 common interest groups where people have many options for getting involved in the community, ranging from diversity initiatives to book clubs to sports teams.

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