Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

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Diversity drives creativity and innovation, and unlocking the power of that diversity requires inclusion

A Top Strategic Priority

Our values — meaningful work and meaningful relationships, independent thinking, and creating an environment where the best ideas win — naturally lead us to embrace diversity and treasure our differences. Given our mission to have the deepest possible understanding of global economies, we seek to find, retain, and grow the best talent across gender identity, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, gained experiences, and more. Unlocking the power of that diversity requires an inclusive environment. We believe that when people are truly included on the mission, they think more deeply about the best answers, and push harder on the toughest problems.

In pursuit of this vision, Bridgewater has a dedicated diversity, equity, and inclusion team reporting directly to our CEO, several affinity groups to empower our diverse communities, and a senior council charged with continuing to make Bridgewater a vibrant, inclusive community.

Our employee affinity groups are open to all members of the Bridgewater community, regardless of how they identify.
Recent Highlights
Professor Yoshino returned to Bridgewater for a conversation about his new book, why he thinks cancel culture is failing us, and his perspective on one of the major obstacles to effective allyship: the fear of saying the wrong thing.
Watch highlights from Bridgewater’s celebration, led by our Asian Affinity Network.
This six-week virtual experience is focused on facilitating early exposure to the financial services industry to first-year college students from backgrounds underrepresented in finance to help build a more diverse pool of future investment talent.
A program designed for second-year undergraduate students gives them exposure to Bridgewater’s unique culture, fundamental and systematic approach to understanding how the world works, internship programs, and several professional development opportunities with our senior investors.
Hear from some of our key leaders about the their life and work, as well as the culture and community that defines the Bridgewater experience.
During Hispanic Heritage Month, our Hispanic/Latinx Network hosted our third annual “How We Got Here” event, featuring members of our community who shared their personal stories on the topic of immigration with the rest of our community.
With the goal of encouraging more women to enter the investment industry, Bridgewater has partnered with the historically women's college to fund a grant to launch the "New Pathways Powered by Bridgewater" initiative.
During Pride Month, the Bridgewater community gathered to hear Senior Software Engineer Lore Anaya Pozo (then Lucas Morales) discuss their journey toward authenticity in their gender identity in an event hosted by our LGBTQIA+ Affinity Network, BProud.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a top priority at Bridgewater. Learn more about the DEI work that is essential to living out our values and succeeding on our mission.
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