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Diversity drives creativity and innovation, and unlocking the power of that diversity requires inclusion

A Top Strategic Priority

Our values — meaningful work and meaningful relationships, independent thinking, and creating an environment where the best ideas win — naturally lead us to embrace diversity and treasure our differences. Given our mission to have the deepest possible understanding of global economies, we seek to find, retain, and grow the best talent across gender identity, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, gained experiences, and more. Unlocking the power of that diversity requires an inclusive environment. We believe that when people are truly included on the mission, they think more deeply about the best answers, and push harder on the toughest problems.

In pursuit of this vision, Bridgewater has a dedicated diversity and inclusion team reporting directly to CEO David McCormick, several affinity groups to empower our diverse communities, and a senior council charged with continuing to make Bridgewater a vibrant, inclusive community.

Our employee affinity groups are open to all members of the Bridgewater community, regardless of how they identify.
Recent Highlights
Diversity and Inclusion is a top priority at Bridgewater. Learn more about the D&I work that is essential to living out our values and succeeding on our mission.
November 10, 2020
Our Co-Head of the America’s Region and Senior Advisor on Diversity and Inclusion Alan Bowser joined Black Hedge Fund Professionals Network to discuss Bridgewater’s commitment to diversity and inclusion. Alan conveyed how our culture of embracing differences of opinion helps to create a more diverse and inclusive workplace, in addition to describing the work we have ahead of us.
November 18, 2020
Participating in the “Making Business Better for Everyone” panel at the Financial Times “Women at the Top” Summit, Head of Corporate Engagement Robyn Shepherd discussed with other industry leaders the importance of bringing more men into the conversations on gender equity.
October 13, 2020
The recent gift of $50 million from Bridgewater’s founder, Ray Dalio, and Dalio Philanthropies will fund a new health justice center at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.
June 12, 2020
Amidst a national groundswell in conversation about racial injustice, the Bridgewater Black Network and its allies hosted a two-part presentation to educate the Bridgewater community about the experiences that have shaped the lives of our Black colleagues and to briefly illustrate America’s history of systemic racism across several dimensions. With permission from all involved, we are sharing a recording of the event in case individuals or organizations find it useful.
October 7, 2020
Bridgewater congratulates Out Investors — whose mission is to make the direct investing industry more welcoming for the LGBTQ+ community — on the launch of their NYC chapter. The Out Investors network operates through local chapters across the globe to foster community, networking, and mentorship with direct support from investment firms. We are proud to be a founding member as part of our commitment to equity for LGBTQ+ people at our own firm and in the broader industry.
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