Our overriding objective is excellence. When we say excellence, we mean constant improvement. Our mission of understanding how the world’s markets and economies work requires an extraordinary team, defined by the best individuals and the best portfolio of people, operating in an idea meritocracy, where we are uncompromising on our shared values of truth, integrity, determination, humility, and courage. This way of being is a self-reinforcing cycle that propels us forward through good and bad times and creates deep meaning in our work and relationships.
Selected Highlights
Our culture is our competitive edge. Read more about the evolution of our idea meritocracy.
Internal Conference Day at Bridgewater, led by employees across the firm, aims to foster innovation and creativity through a vibrant exchange of ideas. From bread making to artificial intelligence, employees engage in in-depth conversations and hands-on learning, and showcase their diverse passions and deep curiosity across both professional and personal dimensions.
The unifying experience at Bridgewater is one of constant improvement — a relentless pursuit of excellence in our shared mission to understand how the world works, and the deep bonds forged between teams along the way. Hear reflections about our culture and community from employees who live it every day.
At Bloomberg Invest, CEO Nir Bar Dea describes Bridgewater’s pursuit of an idea meritocratic culture and how, in the midst of a generational transition, today’s leadership is re-underwriting and continuing to evolve it.
The past year brought about hardships and tragedy that few could have predicted. As 2020 unfolded, these challenges prompted individuals and teams at Bridgewater to step up in new ways to serve our clients, our community, and one another. Looking back on the year, the Bridgewater team produced a video that was viewed together on the final all-company call of 2020. With the permission of those involved, we invite audiences to watch a version of that video and hear our community reflect on a year that won’t be forgotten.
Nearly 300 of our employees have been at Bridgewater for a decade or longer and every year we honor all those who are reaching their 10-year milestone. We recently welcomed 53 new members into this special group in a virtual celebration, toasting all of them for their contributions to the firm and to our community. Watch highlights from the event and reflections from employees about what ten years has meant to them.
Our culture of meaningful work and meaningful relationships, and radical truth and radical transparency makes working at Bridgewater a unique place for personal and professional growth. Learn why 95% of employees say Bridgewater is a “great place to work.”
In 2017, our founder Ray Dalio delivered a TED Talk about the principles and tools driving our culture.
In an exclusive interview on "60 Minutes" with Bill Whitaker, our founder and co-CIO Ray Dalio discusses the American dream, philanthropy, and life inside Bridgewater.
With 30 years of experience assessing markets with Bridgewater, Bob Prince believes the way to add value is by being an independent thinker. In a Q&A with Business Insider, he explains how candor, transparency, and an idea meritocracy have built a culture where independent thinkers generate excellence.
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