Nir Bar Dea

Chief Executive Officer

Nir Bar Dea is Bridgewater’s Chief Executive Officer, responsible for setting and driving the strategic goals of the company and overseeing the day-to-day management of the firm. He is also a Partner, a member of the Operating Board of Directors, chairs the Executive Committee, and is a member of the Operating Committee.

Nir’s career at Bridgewater began in the Research department, where he took on the opportunity to shape the future of the organization, working closely with company leadership to drive the key transformative initiatives in the investment function and beyond. Under Nir’s stewardship, the firm’s front office was reimagined by fully integrating the Research, Account Management, and Trading departments into the unified Investment Engine that exists today.

More recently, Nir served as Co-Head of the Investment Engine, where he worked closely with the Co-Chief Investment Officers and CEO to manage the Investment Engine and spearhead Bridgewater’s holistic department-level strategic vision. While in that role, Nir was responsible for the establishment of Bridgewater’s Investment Committee, an important step in the transition of the firm’s investment governance to the next generation of talent.

In February 2021, Nir was named Deputy CEO, a role in which he partnered with then-CEO David McCormick in managing the firm. With David, Nir established the decision-making structures used to guide the strategic and operational management of the company — the Executive, Operating and Commercial Committees. Leading up to and throughout his time as Deputy CEO, Nir — with the team — directed Bridgewater’s response to the COVID pandemic: from maintaining business continuity through remote work, to establishing safety posture and protocols, to thinking critically about the future of work at Bridgewater. In January 2022, he was named Bridgewater’s Co-CEO.

Prior to joining Bridgewater in 2015, Nir served as Advisor to the Israeli Mission to the United Nations in the 2014 General Assembly. He also has a diverse background in entrepreneurship, having run a multinational real estate investment operation and founded a drone technology start up. Originally from outside Tel Aviv, Nir is a retired major and a platoon leader in the Israeli Defense Forces.

Nir received his MBA from Wharton and his bachelor’s degree in Finance from the Interdisciplinary Center at IDC Herzliya, where he graduated first in his class. In 2020, Nir was named one of Fortune’s “40 Under 40” in Finance and he currently sits on the global board of Global Citizen, whose mission is to defeat poverty, demand equity, and defend the planet.

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More from Nir Bar Dea
April 29, 2024
Bridgewater announces a new strategic partnership with Global Citizen that will support the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) fund replenishment—IDA21. By combining Bridgewater’s research with Global Citizen’s advocacy, this partnership will encourage IDA donor nations to make financial commitments ahead of an economic summit in Côte d’Ivoire from October 9-10.
May 1, 2024
In conversation with Julie Hyman from Yahoo Finance, Bridgewater CEO Nir Bar Dea explains the significance of the partnership and how Bridgewater is conducting research that will provide new data and insights into the economic potential of the African continent, including the anticipated impact an improved economic trajectory for Africa would have on global economies and markets.
February 8, 2023
Hugh Evans, CEO & Co-Founder of Global Citizen, joined CEO Nir Bar Dea for a conversation on leading the world’s largest movement of citizens taking action to end extreme poverty.
October 12, 2022
Nir describes the work required to complete a successful generational transition at Bridgewater and his vision for the firm's future across talent, culture, and business priorities.
August 17, 2022
After nearly a decade of involvement with the organization, Nir was nominated to its global board. Global Citizen’s mission is to defeat poverty, demand equity, and defend the planet.
June 10, 2022
Alongside other industry leaders, Co-CEO Nir Bar Dea shares insights on what he believes will be the most important innovations over the next 30 years. Nir shared how enabling “open collaboration” is the key to solving humanity’s most difficult problems.
April 27, 2022
In an interview with Jessica Pliska for Forbes, Co-CEO Nir Bar Dea discusses growing up in Israel, the potential for growth through failure and reflection, and the power of Bridgewater’s radical transparency.
May 26, 2021
In a recent article in FundFire, Deputy CEO Nir Bar Dea details Bridgewater’s plans to return to in-office work in the fall. Nir explains that Bridgewater will experiment with a flexible model, with 2-3 days per week in the office including one day with all employees on campus. Learning from a year of predominantly remote work, the firm sees in-office time as a perk and a privilege, and will focus on creating high-value interactions that are difficult to replicate remotely.
September 9, 2020
Drawing on leadership experience from the Israeli Defense Forces, the United Nations, and as an entrepreneur, Bridgewater’s Co-Head of Investment Engine was recognized alongside other influential changemakers in the industry.
September 21, 2020
In the midst of a remote work environment, Bridgewater sought ways to allow team members to safely meet in person — to facilitate collaboration and benefit from the richness of face-to-face interactions. Our team responded by building a tented outdoor office space at our Westport, CT headquarters.
February 23, 2021
Deputy Chief Executive Officer Nir Bar Dea joins the 2021 IAC Edge Summit to shed light on his background and experience, Bridgewater’s principles and culture, and practical advice for anyone trying to find success in the workplace.
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