Erin Miles

Co-Head of the Investment Engine
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Erin Miles joined Bridgewater in 2009 and is Co-Head of the Investment Engine, a member of Bridgewater’s Operating Committee, and a Partner at the firm. She shares responsibility for the strategy and oversight of Bridgewater’s Investment Engine. Prior to her current role, Erin was Co-Head of Equities Research, a focus area for strategic growth in Bridgewater’s alpha. In this space, Erin was the lead investor pioneering Bridgewater’s systematic approach towards carrying out micro research at scale, overseeing and directing a task force spanning Bridgewater’s technology, engineering, and investment groups. Erin was also previously Operating Chair of the Partnership.

Erin has always had both a passion and affinity for leadership and has played a growing role in building and shaping the firm’s investment community with an emphasis on promoting values of diversity and empowerment for women early in their careers. She is a Millennium Fellow at the Atlantic Council and was named to Crain's 2021 list of ‘Notable Women in Banking and Finance’. Erin studied neurobiology and economics as an undergraduate at Harvard, focusing on the intersection between human behavior and economics.

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November 1, 2022
Erin Miles, Khia Kurtenbach
Many of the key markers of an inflation-driven bear market bottom are still missing today — little real economic weakening, few signs the central bank is ready to move to easing, and, as of yet, not much repricing of equities beyond the direct drag from rising interest rates.
August 4, 2021
Erin and Kate join a fellowship class that will focus on equipping young leaders to tackle the defining global challenges facing the next generation.
March 8, 2021
An 11-year veteran of the firm, Co-Lead of Equity Research Erin Miles has pioneered our systematic approach towards carrying out micro research at scale. She is recognized alongside other industry leaders making impact well beyond their professional accomplishments.
In the ten years Erin has been with Bridgewater, she has played an integral role in shaping our understanding of markets and the global economy. We’re proud to see her recognized alongside a group of trailblazing women in the financial sector — including our own Helene Glotzer and Karen Karniol-Tambour who have recently shared the same honor.
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