At the Milken Institute’s 2024 Global Conference, co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour shares her thoughts on the macro outlook, touching on where to find geographic diversification, how we’re approaching geopolitical risk, the impact of AI on inflation, and more.
With inflation stalled above target and growth remaining strong, co-CIO Bob Prince tells the Financial Times that the Fed is “off track” from cutting rates—the question is how far.

MP3 policies were very successful in stimulating a rapid recovery from the pandemic. But this stimulation was applied for too long, resulting in persistent inflation and the need for central banks to slow the economy through aggressive tightening. Explore our research on the current challenges this new environment presents for investors.
Bridgewater's competitive edge is our pioneering workplace culture. We believe meaningful work and meaningful relationships emerge when you assemble high-performing teams and push them to engage in rigorous and thoughtful inquiry.
Bridgewater has a strong track record as a top workplace and has been recognized by a variety of organizations as such. With an emphasis on high expectations and continuous growth, we are committed to building a workplace that is meaningful, rewarding, and inclusive.
Because environmental, social, and governance considerations affect how economies are evolving and how markets are priced, we seek a deep understanding of the ESG issues that are pertinent to our investment approach. We also partner with institutional investors seeking to achieve financial outcomes and have environmental and social impacts within large, liquid, multi-asset portfolios.

What We Do

Bridgewater Associates is a premier asset management firm, focused on delivering unique insight and partnership for the most sophisticated global institutional investors.

Our investment process is driven by a tireless pursuit to understand how the world’s markets and economies work — using cutting edge technology to validate and execute on timeless and universal investment principles.

Founded in 1975, we are a community of independent thinkers who share a commitment for excellence. By fostering a culture of openness, transparency, and inclusion, we strive to unlock the most complex questions in investment strategy, management, and corporate culture.

Latest from Bridgewater
June 24, 2024
Karen Karniol-Tambour
Co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour describes how we’re in the midst of a transition from an exceptionally low cost of capital to more moderate levels. But bond yields still need to rise to set a price of capital that is sustainable for the world we’re in, compensating for structurally higher fiscal stimulation and inherently inflationary spending on things like AI investments, remilitarization, rebuilding supply chains to reduce reliance on China, the energy transition, and energy security.
June 21, 2024
Carsten Stendevad, Daniel Hochman, Jeremy Ng, Abinitha Gourabathina
The vast majority of publicly traded companies have announced plans to reduce carbon emissions, but many commitments are not sufficiently ambitious or credible—particularly in high-emitting sectors. As a result, investors may be unknowingly exposed to transition risk without a rigorous process to assess these plans.
June 18, 2024
Bob Prince, Khia Kurtenbach, Thomas Maisonneuve
Throughout history, certain companies have dominated the equity market, but co-CIO Bob Prince explores how the process of creative destruction makes staying on top for long periods of time very difficult.
May 31, 2024
At the Fiduciary Investors Symposium, co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour describes what portfolio resilience is, why it matters, and the incremental decisions investors can make to build portfolios that are resilient to a broader range of conditions going forward. See important disclosures and other information here.
May 20, 2024
Greg Jensen, Josh Moriarty
While AI investment isn’t yet a major driver of economic growth, co-CIO Greg Jensen says it looks poised to rise rapidly from here—with the potential to shape the business cycle well before AI is in widespread productive use.
May 13, 2024
Bob Prince, Khia Kurtenbach, Bella Dunbar
Swings in corporate spending are a material reinforcing mechanism to growth on both the upside and the downside. Co-CIO Bob Prince explains that as conditions have strengthened and profits have improved, businesses are now increasing plans to spend, particularly across sectors with secular tailwinds.
May 7, 2024
At the Milken Institute’s 2024 Global Conference, co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour shares her thoughts on the macro outlook, touching on where to find geographic diversification, how we’re approaching geopolitical risk, the impact of AI on inflation, and more.
Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion is a top priority at Bridgewater. Learn more about the DEI work that is essential to living out our values and succeeding on our mission.
May 7, 2024
In an interview with CNBC, co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour discusses current market conditions, whether the Fed will start easing this year, and opportunities this presents for investors.
April 29, 2024
Bridgewater announces a new strategic partnership with Global Citizen that will support the World Bank’s International Development Association (IDA) fund replenishment—IDA21. By combining Bridgewater’s research with Global Citizen’s advocacy, this partnership will encourage IDA donor nations to make financial commitments ahead of an economic summit in Côte d’Ivoire from October 9-10.
April 25, 2024
Devon Long, Will Barnes, Eka Zhao
As most major economies are seeing their working age populations stagnate or shrink, sub-Saharan Africa’s is growing rapidly and projected to be larger than China’s in about a decade. If the region can also increase its productivity growth, it will begin to emerge out of poverty and gradually become relevant to global investors.
April 18, 2024
Bridgewater co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour joined a panel conversation at Semafor’s first World Economy Summit to discuss the evolving macroeconomic environment, fiscal policy, the bond market, demand for U.S. assets, and the strength of the U.S. dollar.
April 9, 2024
With inflation stalled above target and growth remaining strong, co-CIO Bob Prince tells the Financial Times that the Fed is “off track” from cutting rates—the question is how far.
April 3, 2024
In an appearance at the 2024 Sohn Investment Conference, co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour shares her perspective on key cause-effect relationships, including what will drive stock/bond correlations going forward, why gold and the dollar have rallied together, and more.
April 5, 2024
In partnership with Metaculus, Bridgewater sponsored an exciting competition where participants showcased their forecasting abilities, explored potential early career opportunities at Bridgewater, and qualified for $25k in prize money. See final rankings from the contest here.
February 29, 2024
Dr. Sian Leah Beilock, President of Dartmouth College and an independent director on Bridgewater’s Operating Board of Directors, has been recognized by Diverse: Issues In Higher Education as one of the “40 Women Making a Difference in the World of Academe.” Dr. Beilock is the first woman to serve as President of Dartmouth College and is an expert in the dynamics that enable more women to pursue and succeed in STEM fields.
March 28, 2024
Co-Chief Investment Officer Karen Karniol-Tambour has been recognized among 100 women at the highest levels of leadership in US Finance.
February 23, 2024
Karen Karniol-Tambour, Alexa Rozario
Maximizing the benefits of geographic diversification can be highly beneficial for portfolios. But doing so can be difficult because many economies are closely linked to US conditions, making their markets highly correlated to US assets investors already own. Co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour explores some of the markets she sees as the most diversifying.
February 22, 2024
Paul Podolsky, Jim Haskel
Bridgewater alum, author, and investor Paul Podolsky shares how he’s assessing Russia and its threat to the global order following the death of Alexei Navalny, what it takes for economies to succeed in the modern world, and the implications for investors.
February 12, 2024
Karen Karniol-Tambour, Larry Cofsky, Yusuf Jailani
Co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour explains that in a tight economy with high levels of fiscal spending and strong balance sheets, there is limited room for a pickup in private sector borrowing without reigniting inflationary pressures.
January 16, 2024
Co-CIO Greg Jensen joins a panel of industry leaders at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to discuss their views on current conditions and the risks that lie ahead for financial markets over the next 12 months.
January 3, 2024
Karen Karniol-Tambour, Melissa Saphier, John Michael Cassetta
The secular investment landscape looks more like decades past than the last 20 years, while dynamics like AI and climate change will likely shape the world in unprecedented ways. Co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour describes this new era of investing.
December 4, 2023
Co-CIO Greg Jensen and Bridgewater’s Chief Scientist of AIA Labs and Head of Machine Learning, Jasjeet Sekhon, are named among the top "AI experts to know at some of Wall Street’s biggest hedge funds” by Business Insider. They are recognized for their distinct contributions in AI at Bridgewater and in recognition of their leading efforts for Wall Street’s AI ambitions.
November 30, 2023
Greg Jensen, Lauren Simon, Josh Moriarty
What happens when cognitive tasks can be done at zero marginal costs? Co-CIO Greg Jensen explores some of the potential impacts that advancements of AI/ML technology could have on companies and the economy, including an extreme scenario that could potentially produce “explosive growth.”
November 28, 2023
Bridgewater’s Head of AI & Machine Learning Investment Strategy is recognized alongside other rising stars in the industry.
November 8, 2023
Greg Jensen, David Gordon, Daisuke O, Jackson Rumer
The forces that have cushioned the impact of the tightening so far are unsustainable. As past supports fade and rates stay high, we expect balance sheets to deteriorate and growth to gradually grind down. Co-CIO Greg Jensen explains how we expect this dynamic to be the dominant driver of economies and markets over the next 12-18 months.
November 7, 2023
Read our response to a recent book that paints a distorted and inaccurate picture of our firm and community.
November 3, 2023
Co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour has been named to “The MarketWatch 50” 2023 list, where she is recognized for her actions, contributions, and insights as one of the most influential figures in markets today.
October 17, 2023
Co-CIO Bob Prince joins the FT’s Due Diligence Live to discuss why the US economy has held up so far in the face of Fed hikes, the outlook for interest rates, and how the tightening is likely to flow through to the economy going forward.
October 17, 2023
Helene Glotzer will join Bridgewater’s Operating Board of Directors as a Partner Director and Jason Warner will join as an Outside Director. Helene has been part of the Bridgewater community since 2007, and Jason brings of 20 years of experience in software development, enterprise technology, executive leadership, and innovative thinking as a technologist, CTO, and business leader in the software industry.
October 10, 2023
Greg joined Bridgewater in 1996 and has long invested in the firm’s AI/ML capabilities. He joins Insider’s AI 100 list alongside Bridgewater alumnus Dave Ferrucci and other experts from the world of finance, who will likely impact the future of artificial intelligence and how it may shape our lives.
October 2, 2023
Karen Karniol-Tambour, Josh Moriarty
The impacts of AI on the economy will depend both on how the technology evolves and how quickly and effectively it is implemented. Co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour shares how we are interpreting the growing literature on the topic and tracking the process in real time.
September 20, 2023
Bridgewater co-CIO Karen Karniol-Tambour joins “Bloomberg Wealth with David Rubenstein” for a wide-ranging discussion on Bridgewater’s current leadership and culture, her career journey, and our outlook on markets and economies.
June 26, 2023
Margo Cook will join Mike McGavick as co-Chair of Bridgewater’s Operating Board of Directors. Margo has been part of the Bridgewater community since 2021, currently serving as an Outside Director on our Operating Board, and brings more than 30 years of executive leadership, operating experience, and innovative thinking as an investor.
February 2, 2023
Karen joins co-CIOs Bob Prince and Greg Jensen as a full partner in leading Bridgewater’s Investment Committee and holding ultimate responsibility for our investment strategy and outcomes.
November 30, 2022
Carsten Stendevad, Karen Karniol-Tambour, Daniel Hochman, Jeremy Ng
The publicly traded firms in a handful of emissions-intensive sectors are responsible for about 60% of all global emissions. By allocating capital to climate solutions and carbon improvers in these sectors, investors can make progress toward their net zero goals, even if that leads to higher spot portfolio emissions than if they were to cut these emissions-intensive sectors altogether.
November 17, 2022
Bob shares his views with Milken Institute on today’s self-reinforcing inflation, what needs to happen to bring inflation down, and the likelihood of a coming recession. He also touches on the US relationship with China and the potential ramifications for the economy and capital flows going forward.
October 12, 2022
Nir describes the work required to complete a successful generational transition at Bridgewater and his vision for the firm's future across talent, culture, and business priorities.
October 4, 2022
Bridgewater celebrated the completed transfer of control from Ray Dalio to the next generation of the firm’s leadership.
June 10, 2022
Alongside other industry leaders, CEO Nir Bar Dea shares insights on what he believes will be the most important innovations over the next 30 years. Nir shared how enabling “open collaboration” is the key to solving humanity’s most difficult problems.
April 15, 2022
An article published by Institutional Investor credits recent success to a series of structural changes to Bridgewater’s management and investment processes.
April 27, 2022
In an interview with Jessica Pliska for Forbes, Co-CEO Nir Bar Dea discusses growing up in Israel, the potential for growth through failure and reflection, and the power of Bridgewater’s radical transparency.
February 15, 2022
Earlier this week, Ray Dalio, Bob Prince, Greg Jensen, and Co-CEOs Nir Bar Dea and Mark Bertolini signed the agreements providing for the transfer of control of Bridgewater from Ray to the Operating Board of Directors, successfully finalizing the terms of this transition.
January 3, 2022
Today Bridgewater announced that CEO David McCormick has stepped down after 12 years at the firm, including nearly five successful years as CEO. In succession, the Operating Board of Directors named two co-CEOs: current Deputy CEO Nir Bar Dea and current Co-Chair of the Operating Board Mark Bertolini.
December 28, 2021
The company’s Operating Board of Directors was announced in an email to employees.
December 9, 2021
Hear from some of our key leaders about the their life and work, as well as the culture and community that defines the Bridgewater experience.
April 14, 2021
Karen Karniol-Tambour and Carsten Stendevad to lead effort as Co-Chief Investment Officers for Sustainability.
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