Helene Glotzer and Jason Warner Appointed to Bridgewater’s Operating Board

The first email below was sent to Bridgewater’s clients on October 17, 2023, referencing the second email which was sent to employees earlier that day.

Earlier today, Bridgewater’s employees were informed that Helene Glotzer (our long-time Chief Compliance Officer and newly named Head of Enterprise Risk Management) and Jason Warner (CEO and Co-Founder of AI company Poolside) will join Bridgewater’s Operating Board of Directors, as a Partner Director and Outside Director, respectively. In the note to employees below — you can find additional information on their backgrounds and experience.

Current Board members, John Megrue and Noah Yechiely, will subsequently complete their terms at the end of 2023.

We wanted to share this exciting news with you directly and show our gratitude to John and Noah for their guidance and commitment over the last several years.

All our best,
Brian Lawlor, Co-Head of Client Service and Marketing

Bridgewater –

We are excited to announce the appointment of two new directors to Bridgewater’s Operating Board of Directors: Helene Glotzer will join as a Partner Director and Jason Warner will join as an Outside Director.

Since joining Bridgewater in 2007, Helene has led Bridgewater’s compliance function, creating a program designed to uphold regulatory, fiduciary, and client contractual obligations. In the pursuit of creating long-term value for our clients in the most responsible way, her contributions have helped shape and uphold our reputation as a great investment manager. Helene has more recently been named the Head of Enterprise Risk Management, focusing on developing a holistic, cross enterprise view of the most significant risks to Bridgewater.

Jason brings over 20 years of experience in software development, enterprise technology, executive leadership, and innovative thinking as a technologist, CTO and business leader in the software industry.  Jason is currently the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Poolside, an AI company focused on software and code. Jason was previously Managing Director at Redpoint Ventures, a venture capital firm, and Chief Technology Officer at GitHub, which was acquired by Microsoft during his tenure.

With this exciting news, we also want to formally acknowledge and extend our profound appreciation to John Megrue and Noah Yechiely, who will be completing their director terms at the end of this year.  John has dedicated seven years to Bridgewater and was critical to the formation of the “internal board,” the predecessor to today’s Operating Board, and Noah has served on the Operating Board for three years. You have both worked tirelessly to oversee the long-term health of the company, advance the transition from a founder-led business to an enduring institution, and provide outstanding leadership, guidance and commitment to Bridgewater.  For that, we are deeply grateful.

Please join us in congratulating Helene and Jason and thanking John and Noah!

Margo Cook and Mike McGavick, Co-Chairs

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