Margo Cook Appointed Co-Chair of Bridgewater’s Operating Board

The first email below was sent to Bridgewater’s clients on June 26, 2023, referencing the second email which was sent to employees earlier that day.

Earlier today, Bridgewater’s employees were informed that Margo Cook was elected by Bridgewater’s Operating Board of Directors to join Mike McGavick as co-Chair.

I have worked with Margo in her role as Outside Director since 2021 and have seen first-hand the experience, insight, and wisdom she brings to the table. She is a mentor and a friend, and we are thrilled to be able to expand our partnership with her. I wanted to share this exciting news with you directly — below, please find that internal communication and join me in congratulating Margo.

All our best,
Nir Bar Dea, Chief Executive Officer

Bridgewater –

I am delighted to announce the appointment of Margo Cook, joining me as co-Chair of Bridgewater’s Operating Board of Directors. Margo joined the internal board as an outside director in July 2021, and was part of the journey of transitioning control from Ray to the Operating Board, which oversees Bridgewater. She brings more than 30 years of executive leadership, operating experience and innovative thinking as an investor, CIO and business leader in the asset management industry.

This is an exciting moment for the Operating Board and Bridgewater as a whole, as it marks a return to our co-Chair model after an interim period with a single Chair and demonstrates the resiliency and continuity of our post transition Board design. Our success is possible because of the exceptional people who together have built a culture anchored in the constant pursuit of truth, excellence, and idea meritocracy. Having had the opportunity to work closely with Margo for about two years now, I am confident she will continue to enrich our idea meritocracy in this role and further our shared mission of making Bridgewater successful now and into the future.

Please join me in congratulating Margo.

Mike McGavick, Co-Chair

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