Critical Conversations

June 2020
Bridgewater recently hosted industry leader and longtime client and friend, Raytheon CIO Robin Diamonte. In a discussion hosted by Bridgewater Client Advisor Jessica Oleson, Robin talks about her journey to the top and the role of leadership in advancing Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace.
February 2020
Harlem Children's Zone's president, Geoffrey Canada, sat down with Bridgewater Founder Ray Dalio to express the importance of investing in the country's youth at an early age, which Canada has done for over 30 years. "My mission is to help, at minimum, an additional million children in this country," he said.
May 2019
The author and former Wall Street executive — who overcame significant personal challenges in her own life — encouraged audience members to take charge of their own success, finding a path even when none seems to exist.
October 2019
As CEO and Co-Founder of Ellevest, a digital platform designed to encourage more women to invest, Sallie Krawcheck has seen first-hand the impact that financial literacy and access to markets can have on a woman’s life. She sat down with the Bridgewater community to discuss the research that helps guide her company’s mission.
September 2019
As an autistic adult, Robison spoke to the Bridgewater community about neurological diversity and living in a world that doesn’t always support his way of processing or thinking — and how sometimes what seems like a barrier can create a competitive advantage when placed in an inclusive and supportive environment.
May 2019
Bridgewater’s Black Network hosted Former Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick for a discussion on the principles that helped shape his career journey as part of our Black History Month celebration.
June 2019
Through a range of examples, Professor Yoshino described the reality that many people, particularly in the workplace, likely experience the demand to cover some aspect of who they are. In his talk he identified practical strategies to help interrupt implicit signals underlying those demands.
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