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Embrace reality.

Maximize your evolution.

Experience an idea meritocracy.

As a management associate you’ll learn and contribute to Bridgewater’s unique culture and approach to management.

David McCormick

“We hire incredibly talented people and integrate them into a uniquely caring and demanding culture that helps them to learn about themselves, grow, and evolve into great managers, technologists, and investors. I can't think of a better opportunity for someone to test themselves, to be challenged and developed to achieve their full potential.

David McCormick Bridgewater Co-CEO

Eileen Murray

“Bridgewater is a place that fosters an environment of inclusion, which is a requirement to have an idea meritocracy that embodies meaningful work and meaningful relationships. Managers in our village have a lot of responsibility, the biggest is to develop and train our people; people are the source of our competitive advantage and our most critical asset.

Eileen Murray Bridgewater Co-CEO

Managing in Our Unique Culture

At Bridgewater, managers have a responsibility to deliver excellent outcomes and to approach decisions in a way that is consistent with our idea meritocracy. This starts with adopting a shift from thinking “I’m right” to “How do I know I’m right?” and cultivating an environment of thoughtful disagreement. It requires that you learn what you can and cannot expect from each person on your team and do what is necessary to make sure the best ideas win out.

Learn more about our unique culture and the Principles we share.

Ray Dalio delivers a TED Talk on what it really means to work in an organization where the best ideas win.

Reflections From Our Management Community


“At Bridgewater I don’t have to pretend to be somebody else, I just am who I am. And I get to be successful not despite that, but because of that.


“There’s really no place that will enable your growth the way that Bridgewater can—that will both challenge you and enable you to work on interesting problems and to raise your own ideas.


“Imagine being in the midst of your role, but constantly being able to learn from others’ broader experience.


“Working through actively exploring others’ ideas—with my own—to get to the better idea is the basis for the way we operate with one another.


“Bridgewater opened my eyes to an important additional kind of diversity: the diversity of what people's minds are like.


“I really like not being the smartest person in the room—I like to have a lot of smarter people around me.


Meaningful relationships are invaluable for building and sustaining a culture of excellence because they create the trust and support that people need to push each other to do great things. To support building out those relationships, we offer a number of opportunities to come together. From baseball games to the “Scrum” to dinners with Bridgewater’s senior managers, our management community connects in a variety of meaningful ways throughout the summer and beyond.

2017 Summer Internship Recap

Highlights from our 2017 management internship experience. From community building events to speaking with our CEOs, the summer was one to remember.

The Scrum: A Bridgewater Tradition

What began as a challenge between a handful of employees in 2004 is now one of our most beloved traditions. Every year, more than 100 participants take the plunge and race around our headquarters—running, swimming, and scrumming their way to the finish line.

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