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Affinity Groups

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We aim to celebrate difference in all its forms while also maintaining our sense of being one community. Our employee affinity groups allow us to achieve both goals as they both honor diversity and difference, and are open to all members of the community, regardless of how they identify. Through these channels we deepen our collective empathy for the lived experience of our colleagues, and further strengthen our focus on inclusion and professional development in the workplace.

Above, Affinity Group leaders were recognized at a celebratory lunch for their contributions to the Bridgewater community.

The Bridgewater Black Network (BBN) connects, educates, and enriches the Black community as well as the larger Bridgewater community. BBN hosts a multitude of events and programs throughout the year to engender rich cultural and developmental experiences. In the past year, our members and allies have enjoyed a tour of the historic Apollo Theater, talks on our campus with both Former Governor Deval Patrick and educator Geoffrey Canada, and a series of discussion groups — most recently on the Oscar-winning short film, "Hair Love."
The Women's Influence Network (WIN) strives to empower women through networking and development opportunities that help to establish and enable lasting relationships in the community. Throughout the year, WIN runs a series of events including information sessions, a speaker series, book clubs, community service opportunities, and workshops targeting the specific developmental needs of our network members and allies.
The Bridgewater ("B") Proud network connects and empowers LGBTQ+ employees and their allies to be authentic and inclusive leaders through community building, professional growth, public service, and educational programs. We seek to attract and enrich the world's best LGBTQ+ talent, help build sustainable value for our people, and foster connections with the external groups and communities.
The Bridgewater Hispanic + Latinx Network (HLN) aims to connect, enrich, and advance the experience of members of our Hispanic and Latin American community. To achieve our mission, we focus on creating opportunities to build stronger connections with one another — understanding and celebrating the diverse history and culture of our regions — and offering unique development opportunities for our members.
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