Balanced Beta Investing


A collection of research that explains how Bridgewater created the All Weather investment strategy, the pioneer of what is now known as risk parity investing and portfolio construction.

The All Weather Strategy
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February 20, 2019
Melissa Saphier, Karen Karniol-Tambour, Pat Margolis
Explore how portfolios with geographic diversification can help investors create a more consistent return stream by remaining resilient to the range of ways the world could unfold.
August 2011
Bob Prince
Over twenty years ago Bridgewater Associates pioneered portfolio balancing concepts that came to fruition with the creation of the All Weather asset allocation strategy in 1996. Recently, several managers have begun to offer strategies based on some of these concepts, under the banner of "Risk Parity."
March 14, 2017
Greg Jensen, Phil Salinger, Billy Prince
Since the global financial crisis, most global asset portfolios have performed extremely well, and we are worried that this performance is creating complacency about future returns. While backward-looking returns of a traditional portfolio are near all-time highs, forward-looking expected returns are near all-time lows.
July 29, 2015
Bob Prince
Stepping back from the market action, we want to pause for a moment and share some thoughts about longer-term investment strategy that have been part of our recent client conversations.
August 18, 2004
Greg Jensen, Jason Rotenberg
The vast majority of investors are making a huge mistake in their asset allocation. The mistake, once understood, is relatively easy to rectify. Yet despite our pounding the table for a decade on this issue only a tiny percentage of investors have moved significantly in the direction of truly balancing their asset class exposures. Here is what we think is preventing most of the investing world from taking the free lunch.
In 1996, Bridgewater Associates established the All Weather principles for asset allocation, which have now been more broadly adopted under the banner “Risk Parity.” In 2004, Mr. Dalio wrote an article in which he explained these principles.
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