Karen Karniol-Tambour Named to Barron’s 2023 List of “Most Influential Women in Finance”

Co-Chief Investment Officer Karen Karniol-Tambour has once again been recognized among 100 women at the highest levels of leadership in US Finance.

Karen joined Bridgewater out of college in 2006 as an Investment Associate on the fixed income team. Today, she serves as Co-Chief Investment Officer, holding ultimate responsibility for the firm’s investment strategy and outcomes along with Co-CIOs Greg Jensen and Bob Prince. Karen is also a member of Bridgewater’s Executive Committee, the Investment Committee, co-chairs the firm’s Sustainable Investing Committee, a member of the Commercial & Business Strategy Committee, and a Bridgewater Partner.

She has 16 years of experience developing systematic insights on global markets and overseeing Bridgewater’s investment logic and portfolio construction. She previously served as Co-Chief Investment Officer for Sustainability as well as headed Bridgewater’s Investment Research function. Karen is a frequent author of the firm’s highly regarded Daily Observations report for clients. Karen’s research has also appeared in leading publications, including the Financial Times and The Wall Street Journal. Additionally, she represents Bridgewater in the media and at high-profile industry events. She also serves as a mentor to colleagues and rising talent across the firm.

“Karen is a brilliant investor and one of Bridgewater’s most exceptional leaders.  She is at the forefront of a new generation — driving innovation on our investment and commercial committees, shaping the industry’s thinking on sustainable investing, and is among my closest partners overseeing Bridgewater’s path now and into the future,“ said Chief Executive Officer Nir Bar-Dea.

Read more about Karen and the others selected here.

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