Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Metrics Snapshot

We track metrics across the employee lifecycle. We currently track and report on gender, race/ethnicity, LGBTQIA+ status. So many other measures of diversity are relevant and we are working to expand the dimensions that we track.

Below is a subset of January 2024 statistics. Our numbers1 indicate we are in the middle of our journey — they represent significant progress but are not good enough.

  • Overall Representation: Bridgewater is 34% women and 28% ethnically underrepresented talent2 — 3% Black/African American, 6% Hispanic/Latinx, 18% Asian, 0.2% other groups3 — and 5% of the firm identifies as LGBTQIA+4.
  • Senior and Investor Representation: Women hold 31% of executive5 positions, 21% of investor positions, and 21% of senior investor 6 positions. Ethnically underrepresented individuals hold 14% of executive positions, 29% of investor positions, and 17% of senior investor positions. Those who identify as LGBTQIA+ hold 0% of executive positions, 8% of investor positions, and 4% of senior investor positions.
  • Hiring/Attrition: Over the last 12 months, women represent 38% of hires and 34% of exits; ethnically underrepresented talent represent 41% of hires and 36% of exits.
  • Pay Equity: As of December 2022, women earn 100.9% of male employees’ compensation, and ethnically underrepresented individuals earn 99.2% of white employees’ compensation.7

1 This data is as of January 2024 unless otherwise noted. We update this data periodically and it is subject to change at any time.
2 Ethnically underrepresented: those who identify as Black/African American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, Asian Pacific Islander, Two or More Races.
3 If individuals self-identify with more than one underrepresented ethnic/racial category, then they are counted in multiple categories. Therefore, the more granular underrepresented ethnic/racial totals do not equal firm overall representation total.
4 All LGBTQIA+ data is provided via employee self-identification and employees have the choice to not disclose.
5 We define “executive” as any member of one or more of our four committees (which are the key-decision making bodies for our company), department heads, or is an officer of the company.
6 We define “senior investor” as anyone who is an Investment Committee member, Investment Team Lead, Asset Class Lead, or stamped Portfolio Strategist (including Associate Strategists).
7 Our analysis, which has been validated by external experts, confirms the differences are not statistically significant.

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