At Bridgewater, providing world-class benefits that take care of our employees has always been a top priority. Our goal is to enable our employees to build a great life and career, and to ensure they have access to excellent resources that support them during times of need.

While we’re proud of our offerings to date, we expect them to evolve and grow in line with our goals. We have also tailored them with inclusion in mind, understanding that a diverse employee population has diverse needs when it comes to benefits and support.

Health and Wellbeing

Providing quality care for our employees means having best-in-class benefits, such as medical insurance with premiums covered 100%, flexible PTO and unlimited sick days, and our Employee Assistance Program — a program that provides 24-hour confidential support, guidance, counseling, and resources. Other benefits include:

  • Best-in-class medical insurance and prescription drug coverage, with all premiums fully covered by Bridgewater, for employees and their dependents.
  • Generous dental and vision insurance offerings.
  • Concierge patient services for anyone dealing with serious or chronic issues, and the ability to find the highest quality doctors in the area.
  • Telemedicine service with 24/7 availability of medical professionals at no cost to employees.
  • Free confidential counseling services with licensed therapists and clinicians provided through our Employee Assistance Program.
  • Healthcare Advocate advisors to help navigate the healthcare system.
  • Ability to take time off when employees need it: Our flexible paid time off policy requires employees to take a minimum of 15 days per year. In addition, there are 16 annual company holidays — the standard NYSE schedule plus six additional holidays, yielding several four-day weekends throughout the year.
  • Paid and unpaid leave of absence options, including fully paid short-term disability, long-term disability benefits, and bereavement.

Supporting You and Your Loved Ones

Many of our benefits are aimed at ensuring employees have the resources needed to grow and support their families — from back-up childcare options to assistance in family planning, including fertility benefits and assistance with adoption and surrogacy. Additional benefits include:

  • Twelve weeks of fully paid parental bonding and care-giving time for all birth and non-birth parents, with an additional eight weeks of paid medical recovery time for those who give birth.
  • Optional part-time ramp back program for returning parents as they transition back to work.
  • State-of-the-art lactation rooms with fully stocked equipment and accessories.
  • Resources for parents, including a working parent’s group, support finding childcare, and support for parents of children with behavioral or developmental special needs.
  • Support for family planning that includes rich fertility coverage and elective fertility preservation through our medical plan, and financial assistance for adoption and surrogacy.
  • 30 days of back-up dependent care, with access to a national network of childcare centers, in-home providers, and eldercare resources, as well as discounted rates on academic support services.
  • Top-tier coverage for gender-affirming healthcare.
  • For employees on Guard or Reserve assignments, Bridgewater ensures full pay for up to a year and continuous benefits coverage for up to two years.
  • Pet insurance plans that reimburse eligible veterinary expenses.

Investing in Financial Wellness

We offer several financial benefits and options for insurance coverage to give employees and their loved ones financial peace of mind. These generous benefits include:

  • Competitive 401(k) plan that matches up to $10k of employee contributions annually, with immediate eligibility.
  • Free automatic enrollment in basic life insurance for all employees; supplemental life insurance is available at cost for employees who are looking for additional coverage.
  • Flexible spending accounts for eligible health and dependent care expenses, which allow employees to set aside pre-tax dollars for eligible medical needs, childcare, or eldercare.
  • Competitive group rates for life and accident insurance, auto and home insurance, and group legal plans.
  • Commuter benefit program that allows employees to set aside pre-tax dollars to pay for commuting costs via public transportation.

Community and Wellness

We believe in meaningful work and meaningful relationships, and therefore a hallmark of our company experience is having a vibrant and active community where employees can bring their best selves to work. As part of that, we encourage a sustainable integration of work and life by offering remote work flexibility, extensive onsite amenities, and well-being related activities. To enhance this experience, we provide:

  • Remote work flexibility, with most employees required to work onsite 2-3 days per week, in addition to a Work Away program, which allows employees to suspend any requirements to come onsite for up to 4 weeks per calendar year to work in domestic and some international locations.
  • Well-being programming with offerings such as access to onsite gyms and meditation rooms, an onsite chiropractor, and free subscriptions to the Calm app for employees and their families.
  • Free educational health and well-being webinars, including a virtual well-being program with access to wellness coaches.
  • Engaged and active community that includes frequent company events (such as our Distinguished Speaker Series), several affinity networks, and nearly 100 employee-led extracurricular groups.
  • Free daily prepared lunch and a variety of on-the-go meals, snack, and beverage options.
  • Free transportation to and from NYC for those commuting during onsite days.
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