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Elena Gonzalez Malloy Named to INvolve's 2021 “Top 100 Women Future Leaders” List

In recognition of her commitment and efforts to advocate for women in business, Investment Associate Elena Gonzalez Malloy was recently named to the 2021 "Top 100 Women Future Leaders" list, compiled by INvolve and supported by Yahoo! Finance. This award celebrates emerging leaders who are making significant contributions to the advancement of others, especially women, within their companies and beyond.

Elena’s interest in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion grew while attending Yale University. As one of only a few female, Latinx math majors, she recognized how gender and race played a role in the various opportunities available to students and became dedicated to helping other women and members of the Latinx community find success in STEM. She partnered with local high schools to tutor both female and immigrant students — some of whom needed English as a Second Language education — and helped them explore pathways and gain the confidence needed to study STEM at universities nationally.

Elena continues to support the advancement of women and the Latinx community through her philanthropy work in New York City. As a volunteer in the NYC Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs, she orchestrated events that taught immigrant members of the Latinx community their legal rights and worked with them on available pathways to become citizens. Throughout the pandemic, she has partnered with non-profit organizations to help provide essential items to New York’s most vulnerable populations.

At Bridgewater, Elena is a Team Lead responsible for developing methods to systematically invest in commodity markets, and her research is regularly featured in our Daily Observations newsletter, read daily by some of the world’s most sophisticated investors and policy makers. She has led efforts to diversify our investment talent by engaging and recruiting untapped pools of minority talent on college campuses, representing Bridgewater at external conferences, and taking steps to ensure equity within our investment training program. Furthermore, she is a founding member of Bridgewater’s Hispanic and Latinx Network where she has led various events that educated our community on the pivotal role Latinx transwomen played in the gay rights movement.

Learn more about Elena’s recognition here: https://heroes.involverolemodels.org/poll/2021-top-100-women-future-leaders/

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