Statement on Violence Against the Asian Community

CEO David McCormick shared the following email with colleagues in response to the ongoing violence against the Asian community.


It saddens me to write again about the terrible incidents of racial bigotry in our country. The rise in harassment and violence targeting Asians and Asian-Americans is abhorrent and entirely antithetical to our company's values and culture. I am aware of the pain and anxiousness many members of our community feel and I hear their calls for action. The recent events over the past days, weeks, months and year require all of us to raise our voice again and decry hate.

Hate against any of us is an attack on all of us. Solidarity in the face of hate is the only thing that safeguards our values, our community, and our country. As I extend my allyship to our Asian and Asian-American colleagues, I hope that everyone will see this violence as a further, resounding call to embrace your power as agents of change.

It’s easy to think that this harassment is a product of the moment that will eventually fade. A colleague shared thoughts from the Korean-American poet Cathy Park Hong that resonated with me, because they make clear the price of silence. “The problem with silence is that it can’t speak up and say why it’s silent. And so silence collects, becomes amplified, takes on a life outside our intentions, in that silence can get misread as indifference, or avoidance, or even shame, and eventually this silence passes over into forgetting.” We cannot stay silent in the presence of hate.

America is a great country because of the people who care deeply about the principles on which it was founded; people who recognize that we are fundamentally imperfect, yet constantly strive to be better. For that reason it is up to each one of us to beat back this latest manifestation of violence, and stand united for the respect, equality and dignity that each of us deserves.


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